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How to make money on stock photography?

No startup fees

If you own equipment to make photos, record videos or create illustration, you’re not facing any other cost at startup. Just submit your work to your new agency. When someone buys it then you and your agency get paid.

Work remains yours

You are under control of the ownership of content uploaded. Typical microstock license states clients are buying just rights to use it.

Flexible time

You are your boss and decide how much time you put to create and submit your work. Even when you’re on vacation you’re images are still selling.


The chance to sell in microstock agencies is intended for anyone interested in making passive income. It can boost your creativity and inspire your artistic sense.

Best Microstock agencies where you can sell photos:

These are examples of people spreading their creativity and business into microstock :

  • Photographer
    • Hobbyist, Amateur Photographers
    • Professional Photographers
    • Nature, Underwater, Arial, Automotive Photographers
    • Travel Photographers
  • Videographer
    • Hobbyist, Amateur Videographers
    • Professional Video Artists
    • Motion Graphics Animation Artists
    • Stop Motion, Time Lapse, High Speed, Underwater Videographers
    • Travel Videographers
  • Illustration artists
    • Hobbyist and Amateur Illustrators
    • Pen, Ink, , Icons, Cartoon, Structural Illustration, Abstract Artists
    • Painters
  • Musicians and voice Actor
    • Amateur, Hobbyist and Professional Musicians
    • Voice Over Specialists
    • Recording Talents
  • Sound effect Producer
    • Music Loops, Field Recordings, SFX, Foley, Underscores Producers